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Monday, June 17, 2013

Cabinet and Countertop Design Meeting

We had our first design meeting today.  I had a blast looking at cabinet styles, cabinet finishes, hardware and countertops for our kitchen and bathrooms.  Next week we will go to the plumbing and lighting showrooms!!  I am having so much fun!

Kitchen Cabinet color: Bright White (Not style or hardware...just color):

Kitchen Cabinet Style:

Master Bath Cabinets (The dark is the style and the bright white is the color):

Guest Bath Hardware:

Guest and Emerson's Bath Knobs:

Recycled Glass Countertops for Emerson's Bath and Guest Bath:

Will look similar to this but with shells added (the cabinets will be white colony beadboard cabinets):

 Black Kitchen Counters:
 Although we may decide to go lighter (left one):

 White marble in the master bath:

 Kitchen hardware:
 Kitchen knobs:

 Hardware for Emerson's bathroom:

 Some other black kitchen counter options:

See you all next week with plumbing and lighting selections!!

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