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Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Progress

The house is coming along.  They have started painting the exterior.  We are hoping the sheetrock begins next week.  Once that is complete the interior should go quickly.  We should have cabinets installed later this month, and the house will be complete sometime in November.  We can't wait to celebrate the holidays in our dream home!!
The front exterior:
There will be working, black, low country style shutters on all of the windows.

Beadboard ceilings on the porches:
These will be painted light blue.  Did you know it helps deter mosquitos?  
(Plus I love the way it looks)!! 

Back exterior:
Large back yard overlooking a lagoon.
The pillared porch will be screened in.

More back exterior:
The patio to the left will be our grilling patio and also home to Travis' Xmas present:
A New Hottub!

Thanks for following us while we build.  We appreciate the support and look forward to sharing our house with our friends and family!

The Hillis Family

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's looking good. We hopefully have Sheetrock going in this week.